Triple S Holdings Acquires Brown Janitor Supply

September 12, 2016

T-S Holdings, Inc. (d.b.a. Triple S Holdings) is pleased to announce the asset purchase of Brown Janitor Supply, Little Rock, AR.

Alan E. Sadler, president, Triple S Holdings, stated: “Brown Janitor Supply is a solid company that epitomizes the type of business that Triple S Holdings is looking to acquire. Gary Acord has spent the last 22 years of his entrepreneurial career building a stable, value-added distribution business supported by a capable team of industry professionals. It is a testament to Gary that he wanted to see his legacy continue into the future as a part of the Triple S family.” 

“It was important to me, as I transitioned out of the business that I leave my employees, family members and loyal customers in good hands.  We have been a Member of Triple S for many years in part because of the values that Brown Janitor Supply and Triple S share. Keeping my employees and customers in the Triple S family brings me added peace of mind”, stated Gary Acord.

Mr. Sadler further stated that Tim Herekamp has been named Branch Manager of Triple S – Little Rock  (d.b.a. Brown Janitor Supply). “Tim is a proven professional that has demonstrated his management capabilities over the past four years at Brown Janitor Supply. We are also pleased to announce that Gary Acord has agreed to remain with the new company in an advisory capacity to assist with the transition.  In addition, we welcome the suppliers of Brown Janitor Supply that are not currently approved Triple S vendors to the extended Triple S family”.

More about Triple S Holdings: Triple S Holdings is a subsidiary of Standardized Sanitation Systems, Inc., (d.b.a. Triple S). Triple S Holdings was created to provide Member and non-Member owners of jan-san distribution companies an exit strategy that would allow them to transition out of their businesses in a manner that would be least disruptive to their employees and customers. As an organization, Triple S is dedicated to the ongoing prosperity of independent distribution, and, as such, Triple S Holdings is a natural fit for owners that are looking to exit their business.

For additional information concerning Triple S Holdings, or this acquisition, please contact us, 978-435-2700.