Triple S Holdings Acquires Parish Maintenance Supply

August 1, 2017

T-S Holdings, Inc., (d.b.a. Triple S Holdings) is pleased to announce the asset purchase of Parish Maintenance Supply Corporation, Syracuse, NY.

Parish Maintenance Supply (a Member of Triple S since 1962) is a long established, well-run organization with an above average e-commerce platform and business base. "We are very pleased to welcome Parish Maintenance Supply and the Parish Team to the Triple S Holdings family of businesses," stated Alan E. Sadler, President, Triple S Holdings.
"While I was ready to take on new challenges, it was critically important to me that I placed my employees and customers in good hands as I transitioned to a new stage in my career. Triple S Holdings provided me the opportunity to accomplish both of these tasks and at the same time allows me to continue to contribute to what the Parish Team and I have worked to establish over the past 38 years," stated Michael Gosson, prior owner/president of Parish Maintenance Supply.
In addition, Mr. Sadler announced that Megan Skinner is being promoted to Assistant Branch Manager and that Michael Gosson while serving as Branch Manager of Triple S – Upstate New York (d.b.a. Parish Maintenance Supply) in the near term, Michael would then transition to the role of Director of IT & Systems Implementation for T-S Holdings, Inc.
Triple S Holdings was created, in part, to provide Triple S Members and non-member owners of  jan-san distribution companies an exit strategy that would allow them to transition out of their businesses in a manner that would be least disruptive to their employees and customers. As an organization, Triple S is dedicated to the ongoing prosperity of independent distribution and as such Triple S Holdings is a natural fit for owners that are looking to exit their business.
For additional information concerning Triple S Holdings or this acquisition, please e-mail us at: or call 978-435-2700.