Triple S Holdings Announces Sale of Assets of Triple S – Central MA

June 10, 2020

The Board of Directors of Triple S Holdings, Inc., (TSH) is pleased to announce the sale of assets of Triple S – Central MA to Triple S Member company Next-Gen Supply Group of Mansfield, MA.

Triple S – Central MA (formerly Industrial Cleaning Products) was acquired in May 2018 by Triple S Holdings as part of the TSH commitment to provide Triple S with an opportunity to preserve market share and customer relationships in the Triple S family of Member companies. As part of the TSH business process, Next-Gen Supply Group was identified as a potential buyer for Central MA. Larry Stern, Richard Tepper and Michael Glass, Principals of Next-Gen, indicated this was an opportunity for Next-Gen Supply Group to build on their Massachusetts customer base as part of their growth strategy. With this transition, effective June 8th the TSH – Central MA location will be transitioned and customers serviced from Next-Gen Supply Group location in Mansfield MA.

Larry Stern, President of NextGen Supply Group said, "The acquisition of TSH-Central MA immediately enables us to expand our geographic footprint west and we are excited to show the existing TSH-Central MA customer base why we are "The future of Jan/San distribution. Today."

Triple S of Billerica, MA, is a Member-owned company of 115 independent firms that distribute janitorial and sanitary suppliers throughout the United States. The company has a presence in most major markets in the U.S., has its own brand and a full catalog of products, and provides outstanding customer cleaning solutions to the industry.

Triple S Holdings, Inc., is a subsidiary of Triple S, and is a business development company that exists to support Members and preserve the market presence of Triple S in the jan-san industry by acquiring businesses that enhance the Triple S brand and value proposition.