Triple S Holdings Announces Sale of Assets of Triple S – Lehigh Valley

September 10, 2019

The Board of Directors of Triple S Holdings, Inc., (TSH) is pleased to announce the sale of selected assets of Triple S – Lehigh Valley to Triple S Member company Spruce Industries of Rahway, New Jersey.

Triple S – Lehigh Valley (formerly Certified Chemical Company) was acquired in October 2017 by Triple S Holdings as part of the TSH commitment to provide Triple S with an opportunity to preserve market share and customer relationships in the Triple S family of Member companies. During the past months the staff of Triple S – Lehigh Valley and TSH have worked to continue to provide customers with products and service that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations. As part of the TSH business process, Spruce Industries was identified as a potential buyer for Lehigh Valley. Hank and Dan Josephs of Spruce Industries indicated that this was an opportunity for Spruce to build on their Eastern Pennsylvania customer base while preserving the Triple S market share in Northeastern Pennsylvania and agreed to buy the assets of Triple S - Lehigh Valley. With this transition, effective Sept 3rd, the TSH – Lehigh Valley location will be closed and customers serviced from Spruce Industries' location in Rahway NJ.

Dan Josephs, Executive Vice President/COO , of Spruce Industries, said, "We are excited to add the Triple S – Lehigh Valley customers to our company. We will be giving them the same great products and service that customers expect from Triple S Member companies, and we look forward to serving their markets."

Triple S of Billerica, MA, is a Member-owned company of 115 independent firms that distribute janitorial and sanitary supplies throughout the United States. The company has a presence in most major markets in the U.S., has its own brand and a full catalog of products, and provides outstanding customer cleaning solutions to the industry. Triple S Holdings, Inc., is a subsidiary of Triple S, and is a business development company that exists to support Members and preserve the market presence of Triple S in the jan-san industry by acquiring businesses that enhance the Triple S brand and value proposition.