Why Us?

Countless hours have been spent building your business; it’s not just a building, inventory, trucks and a customer list. Your business is a reflection of you, your family and the employees that helped you build it.

As you look to transition out of your business you would like to see the business you have worked so hard to build preserved and maintained. You would like to exit knowing that your employees and customers are going to be in good hands. You appreciate that if you sell to a competitor they most likely will not need a good number of your employees and will not value the culture you have built over their own.

Triple S Holdings has a solid understanding of independent jan/san distribution and the role of the entrepreneur. We value the culture you have built and the employees that have helped you build and grow your business. Simply put we believe, that in most instances, we will be a better home for your business and employees.

Whether you need or want to exit your business in the very near term or over a one to three year period, we can put together an exit plan that fits with your life plans. We are ready to start the dialog when you are. Give us a call, or complete the Company Profile.

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